Sunday, July 29, 2007

Irrigation Licensing: Irrigation Repair versus Irrigation Installation

To do irrigation repair in most states, you do not need a special irrigation contractor license, as long as you are only providing repairs and not new installations. Check with your local government.

Some states require a specialized contractor’s license to perform irrigation installations. For example, in Florida, were I live, most counties require a license for installation; I repeat---this is for installation.

You will need to pull a permit so that the installation can be inspected to make sure you have the correct backflow device and a rain sensor. To do repairs, you do not need a special contractor’s license, as long as your business license does not say irrigation.

For example, if you apply for a business license as “Joe Smith Irrigation,” you would be asked for a contractor’s card as it is assumed that you would be installing new systems. If you applied for your business license as “Joe Smith Services” as a handyman license you can repair all the sprinklers you want.

You can advertise repairing of sprinklers all you want. Just don’t advertise for new installations. In some states you can install new systems as the systems do not require a permit. However, keep in mind that the easy money is in repair, not installation. Check with your local government.

Here is a helpful summary from :
• Business license. A contractor must at minimum have a basic business license to work in any jurisdiction.
• Other licenses. Some states and/or local governments require licensing for irrigation contractors, but many do not. Additional licenses may be required for irrigation contractors to do basic plumbing and electrical work required for the job.

Check with your local government for contractor requirements and a list of contractors licensed to work in your community.

Note: Licensing and certification are different. Some jurisdictions require licensing, but licensing doesn't always involve training or certification. In some cases licenses are issued to contractors who simply pay a fee to the local government. In other areas, training and/or certification are required for licensing. Check with your local government. Some licenses held require passage of certification exams or training.

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