Sunday, February 24, 2008

How To Save Water On Your Sprinklers.

This sprinkler system video comes off as a little preachy, but I believe in what I'm saying.


Lorne said...

Very factual and informative presentation. The challenge is to get the message out to the 90% of industry folks that are not interested. How can we do this?

Lorne Haveruk, CID, CWCM, CGIA, CLIA
Water Resource Consultant
DH Water Management Services

Craig Borglum Irrigation Repair said...

Thats the rub. I saw a system yesterday that was so over pressurized it looked like a low flying cloud. The installer probably thought it was just fine.

Unfortunately, in most counties in Florida any irrigation system that has a backflow preventer and a rain sensor is accepted by the building department.

The dis-interested irrigation installers are not going to care until it hits their wallet.

The reason that I only do repairs is that I cannot compete on irrigation installations unless I install systems as inefficient as my competitors, which I refuse to do.

Although in general I am not a proponent of government regulation,
in the case of water, I believe only mandatory water audits will change the current situation.