Thursday, March 20, 2008

Sprinklers Won't Turn Off

I received an email from L. Scott about his drip system repair. Here is what he wrote:
My drip system that I have not used in 10 years is suddenly on & won't turn off. I turned it off at the valve/spicket, but it's still on. It's been on for at least a month now. How can I get it turned off?"

Well Mr. Scott, obviously you have some sort of "stuck valve." This could be either an electric solenoid valve or a hose bib, sometimes called a spigot.

The hose bib could be stripped inside. The easy fix is to just replace it. Sometimes this is easier said then done. I have seen hose bibs cemented to the wall. If this is the case, most spigots have a nut on the top which you can loosen and remove, and then replace the moving parts.

Is the sprinkler system is connected to an automatic sprinkler valve, you can go here to view free sprinkler repair videos.

The big question is "why isn't the system connected to a back flow preventer?" Maybe it is, I can't really be sure from the question.
A back flow is always required when in ground irrigation is connected to public/city water.

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