Sunday, April 20, 2008

Saf-T-Lawn Rotors.

I received this email from Craig D.,

Hello Craig,

I recently purchased a home that has many saf-t-lawn rotator heads. They all
seem to be working well but some are a bit out of adjustment. Can these be
adjusted (and if so, how?) and should I just start to replace them anyway?

Thanks very much !

Craig D.

Hi Craig D.,
I searched for information on Saf-T-Lawn rotor heads and I found very little useful information.
Obviously it is a defunct brand of sprinklers. I would replace them only if you cannot adjust them, they leak or stop turning.
Different contractors prefer different brands of sprinkler heads (Ford versus Chevy).
I, and many contractors prefer Hunter PGP rotors. Orbit has a knock-off of the Hunter called the Voyager 2 which should be available at the big box stores. I can't vouch for the reliability of Orbit heads, so it may be worth paying a little more at an irrigation supply house.
Good luck! Click here for more information on sprinkler repair.

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