Monday, May 12, 2008

How Long To Water The Lawn

I have received a little flack from supposed "irrigation experts" about my video "How Long To Water Your Lawn"

There seems to be a mis-understanding of the terms "light" and "frequent". According to the source of irrigation knowledge, the Center for Irrigation Technology at the Engineering Department of USC Fresno, (CIT), there are very specific definitions in irrigation terminology for the words "light" and "frequent".

"Frequent" does not mean "often", or "a lot", or "more than necessary". It means one thing, and one thing only. Everyday.

"Light" does not means "just a little" or "not enough" or "a sprinkle". It means one thing, and one thing only. Less than soil capacity.

So, if you water everyday without achieving soil capacity, you are practicing "light and frequent watering" which leads to poor root depth. Period.

Hey, you irrigation guys that are spouting mis-information to your clients, put down the beer, quit watching Dancing With The Stars and pick up a book from the Irrigation Association and educate yourselves.

We will all benefit from your discipline.

While your at it, I've got some sprinkler repair video at, watch and learn.

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