Thursday, May 29, 2008

Sprinkler Controller Problem

From Carroll;


I am having a timing or cycle issue with my irrigation system. Currently, I have to manually turn the system on and shut down after each watering. Some the system completes the full cycle and then repeats the cycle once again. Once it completed the cycle and then started again in zone 4. One day it would not start at all. I have 6 zones and run it two times per week summer and one time per week winter.

Do you have any suggestions?


All sprinkler timers, except the most antiquated, have multiple programs. Each program is independent of the other. Normally they are named A,B,C, and D. Rain Bird ESP controllers have only two, A and B, as do most mechanical timers.

Repeating cycles are not a bad thing, if they are intended to re-start.

See how long to water grass. But if they are unintended, thats a bad thing.

Look for the word "program" or "pgm" on your controller dial. Take off all the minutes, and all the run days, on every program except "A". Make "A" the only program with time/days scheduled. That should fix the problem.

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xnmmi77 said...


I have a valve that is not fully charging the line (5 heads) and the water is gushing out of the backflow...My system has been dormant for 2 seasons, just getting it ready for new planting...the other 3 valves are good. Any thoughts?

Thanks, nice blog.