Monday, June 30, 2008

Pro Tech 700 Wire Tracker Question


My name is Tommy and I am in Murrells Inlet. SC. I talked to you yesterday about a wireless remote controller.

As I mentioned to you, I am starting up a small business to do residential irrigation maintenance and repair.

I am looking at purchasing the Pro Tech - 700 and have a couple of questions:

If the timer is located where the ground is covered with concrete, where do you connect the ground lead?

Is the unit successful in locating faults and valve boxes when the wiring passes under concrete, i.e., driveways, pool decks, etc.?

Also, is there any detailed literature available on the unit prior to purchase? It is a sizable purchase and the only information that I can find is the limited amount on the Internet on your web site. I'm looking forward to subscribing to your lawn sprinkler repair website soon.

Hi Tommy,

When the irrigation controller is inside of a building, and you cannot connect the ground stake to the earth, you can do one of two things.

1. Clip the black clamp to a 14 gauge wire and run it outside and wrap it tightly around the ground stake.

2. Clip the black clamp to the common wire. Understand that valve locating in this manner will not isolate the valve you are looking for, but will "ping" on every valve connected to the common.

And yes, the Pro Tech 700 will have no problem tracing sprinkler wires under concrete.

In fact, more than once I have tracked a wire into an add-on patio and said "your valve is under the recliner."

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