Saturday, June 14, 2008

Sprinkler Valve Repair Doesn't Help.

Hello Craig,
We have a sprinkler system in our yard that has Hunter components. This season when we started to use the system again we found that the sprinkler heads in our front yard were not working correctly. There are several of the sprinkler heads that are not popping up when the system is on and when we pull the head up it will not stay up but instead retracts back into the ground. All the other zones are working fine. We have switched our Hunter ASV 101 1" valve that appears to have a broken inside part with another valve from the system that was working fine and that did not help the heads to pop up and stay up. My husband has left messages with our builder and the landscaper who placed the system 4 years ago but they are not returned our calls. Do you have any suggestions on where my husband should start to troubleshoot this problem to repair it?
Your assistance is appreciated.
Jeanine & Dave
Eugene Oregon

Jeanine, given the information that you have replaced the sprinkler valve, it sounds to me like a broken head or a PVC pipe break.

On systems older than four years, the problem can sometimes be many worn and leaky sprinkler head seals cumatively losing enough pressure to affect the entire zone. Your heads are too new for this.

To find a leak that is not visually apparent, start turning each sprinkler head off (if the are spray heads by turning the nozzle screw clockwise) or cap the heads using riser extensions (to make it easier) if they are rotors. Eventually the leak will show itself.

Another common place to look for a leak is behind the shrubs. Often the PVC risers get snapped off during pruning.

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