Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Sprinkler Valve Repair

Hello Craig -
I am sorry! I just want to make sure you received my last email sent through to the link provided below. I really need your help on these problems. I am currently struggle with a couple scenarios..

a) I recently installed a new Champion Valve (metal), but when its on and then shuts off, the body will leak.. why is this problem occurring?

b) One of the seven stations, I added a drip line to it and it was working just fine, but after months this particular station lost water pressure. I disconnected the drip system hoping it would bring it back to its normal water pressure, but I have no success.. I was hoping to open it up manually to determine a possible problem with the valve itself, but this is an old valve which I could not even open up manually due to the screw on top of it its really tight.

Can you please help me......

Okay, lets start with A. The only place that the valve body (not the PVC male adapters) ican leak s between the bonnet (the top part) and the body. I am not familiar with Champion valves, but most brass valves have hex bolts on top instead of screws. Tighten these bolts the same way that you would the lug nuts on a car tire. Meaning, tighten the bolts across from each other, not in a circle.

B. If you can't find a leak in the piping, then you need to replace the lawn sprinkler valve.

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