Thursday, July 10, 2008

DIY Lawn Irrigation question

Hi Craig,
I came back from vacation and the lawn is yellow and the irritrol electronic watering box is flashing and there is a burned out fuse. I replaced the box and now the box doesn't flash but the solenoids make a buzzing noise but they don't open up. When I checked them outside the valve and hooked them to the old 24v transformer they popped up and down with electrical current.

What gives? New box, solenoids that operate outside the valve housing but not inside the valve housing. And the rain dial shows nothing wrong. What am I doing wrong?
Thanks in advance,


Hi thudpilotbmx, you are not doing anything wrong. You can have the problem of a
sprinkler valve not working for many reasons. It sounds from your comment that the controller, wires and solenoids are okay.

That means there is a mechanical problem with the valve. Bad diaphragm? Clogged outlet port? Who knows?

If you have plenty of pipe to work with, my suggestion would be to cut out the entire valve and install a new one. If that's too much work, you can re-build it. Watch this video on
irrigation valve repair.

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