Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Sprinkler System Backflow

Do you have any information on replacing a split backflow valve, the big copper valve located outside the house?

Denver, CO
Hi Sandra. First determine what type of backflow device you have. There are two main types, PVB, and RP.
Some counties here in Florida no longer allow PVB's. PVB's also need to be a minimum of 12" above the highest head.
If you have a 3 foot riser behind your shrubs, the PVB needs to be four feet in the air!

So your best bet, as a fan of diy sprinkler repair, would be the RP.

I'm not familiar with plumbing codes where you live. Here in Florida all the PVC used in cross connection, including fittings, need to be schedule 80. In some place4s only copper is allowed.

PVC installation is pretty straight forward. Sweating copper is a skill. If you are not experienced at sweating copper, go buy the RP backflow at a big box hardware store and hire a plumber to install it. In no way should the labor be over the one hour minimum. If you buy the RP from the plumber you will pay a lot more for the backflow.

If you do it yourself TURN OFF THE WATER METER FIRST!!! And MAKE SURE the water flow arrow is pointing the right way!

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