Sunday, July 6, 2008

Lost His Job and Needs a Lawn Care Business Plan

Hi Craig, Thanks for the free sprinkler system repair videos on your website. They are very helpful because I don't know anything about sprinklers. I'm thinking about planning a lawn care business because I lost my job at Martin Marietta. Because it costs a lot of money to buy lawn equipment, I'm wondering if it's true that there is better money per hour fixing sprinklers. Hing

Hi Hing, I'm sorry to hear about your job. Unfortunately, due to the recession, I imagine that I will receive more emails from people that want to start a lawn care service.

I have done lawn care, but it's been awhile! I first started doing sprinkler repair about 30 years ago because I had to fix the sprinklers I broke. I've come a long way since then.

If you start doing lawn care, be aware that any "Joe Suburban" that cuts his own grass thinks he can do it for a living. In the same way that "Joe Suburban" thinks that his in-laws ravings about his BBQ qualifies him to open a restaurant. Do not let let your "yard of the month award" mislead you into thinking that you can make a profit in lawn care. It is a TIME=MONEY scenario.

You could paint your own house, right? Does that mean you could do it well and fast enough to compete with the pros? I doubt it. Compete on price with the "bums"? Never. Compete with "low-ball" rusted truck, dull blade pull cord yankers? Would you want to?

Lawn care is whats known as a "low hurdle" entry business. If you can start a mower, or open a can of paint, your "in business".

Fortunately for me, you need to know just a little bit more to start a sprinkler repair business than you do to start a lawnmower.. Not a lot more, just a little.

If I were you (and I once was), I'd start a sprinkler repair business.

If you decide to compete with the lowballer bums, get a lawn care business plan.

And the answer to your question is yes. Sprinkler repair pays much better per hour than coughing up yard dust.

Good luck on your future.

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