Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Sprinkler Valve Repair Problems-again!

Hi Craig,

There are three sprinkler heads that are continuously leaking. There are three valves that control the section where the heads are. I checked the valves and identified that one of the valves may be defective. I am not a handyman but, I am encouraged by your generous instructions on your sprinkler systems problems website, to try it and replace that valve. Before I would replace it, I would like to shut off the section without shutting off the whole sprinkler system if possible. Would you be kind enough to please show me how to do it?

Thank you,
Eli Perdido

Hi Eli.
Unfortunately,to open/repair or replace a sprinkler valve, ya gotta shut down the whole system, unless you are on a pump start well system (on a pump start the main line is not continuously pressurized, BUT is under static pressure until there is a release.)
Assuming that you are on a city system or pressure tank, you HAVE TO TURN OFF THE WATER FIRST!!! Sorry to yell, but you would not be the first person to get hurt from flying valve parts when trying to open a valve under pressure.

What's the problem with turning off the system? It's only gonna take you an hour or so to replace the valve if your new to it (me? ummm maybe 20 minutes?)The plants aren't gonna die in that amount of time even if they are new.

If I missed something, and you absolutely need to replace the problem valve with the mainline pressurized, you could put in a isolation valve (ball valve/gate valve), but you would still need to un-pressurize the system to do that!

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