Monday, March 2, 2015

Manual Sprinkler Valve Operation

My no. 4 spray zone has low water pressure. All the other 5 zones work fine. No construction or lawn service has been done recently. What could be some of the causes for this low pressure? Thanks for any help you might give.

Hi Bill! Lets start with the basics. I would guess that 75-80% of the time the problem is a broken pipe. Because most of the pipes are underground they are not always easy to find. If you know the location of the #4 zone heads, start walking the area with the zone running. Especially look behind shrubs for broken risers. If you know the location of the solenoid valve, open the valve box and listen to it. If it is making a loud "schhhhhhh" type sound it may not be opening all the way. You can make certain by turning the bleed screw or solenoid SLOWLY counter clockwise. This will almost always make the valve open.


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