Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Sprinkler System Cost

Alex sent me this email,

Hello Craig,

I would like information on the costs of running an irrigation system, would like a monthly estimate to have an idea.

Hi Alex,
I assume by "cost" you mean the cost of the water. So lets do a little math.

Most residential systems have 1" mainlines. One inch pipe carries 16 gallons per minute at a little less than a five feet per second velocity (the recommended velocity to stay below).

So lets say you have four zones running for 30 minutes each, twice per week or eight times a month. Each zone is putting out 16 gallons per minute.

16gpm x 30 minutes = 480 gallons
4 zones x 480 gallons = 1920 gallons per system run
1920 gallons x 8 runs = 15,360 gallons per month

Times 15,360 by the cost per gallon of water and you have your worst case scenario monthly cost.

Watch this video about how long to water lawn.
It will save you money and save all of us water.

Go to this link for more diy lawn irrigation repair.


zhang said...
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Gary's Lawn Sprinkler Repair said...

I see people all the time water their lawns directly from lakes, and they water 2 to 3 times a day. I keep telling them it is way too much, but they don't care to listen.

Gary's Lawn Sprinkler Repair