Tuesday, June 17, 2008

How To Repair a Lawn Sprinkler Valve

Hello Craig -
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I just have a question for you.. There is a problem with a valve that isnt not going off when the controller is set for that particular station. I can hear the Solenoid going off, but the valve will not open up. However, it can only open manually. Would help me here?

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Hi Sara. It sounds like the outlet port beneath the solenoid is clogged. When the solenoid is energized it lifts the plunger which was covering the outlet port, which opens the valve.

You could take a #10 gauge piece of guitar string and try cleaning the outlet port. However since you need to take the valve apart to do this, why not just re-build the whole thing? The amount of time involved is the same. Watch this video about irrigation valve repair.

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