Monday, June 16, 2008

More Irrigation Lawn Sprinkler Wire Problems!


I had to move a sprinkler valve due to the location a swimming pool we’re having installed. After moving it, the zone comes on momentarily and then goes off again.

Any thoughts?

When you move a valve, you have to move/run some wire. My first thought would be that you have a lawn sprinkler wire problem. Here are my thoughts:

1. Even though a sprinkler controller problem is rare, you need to get that out of the way first. Turn on the non working sprinkler zone and check the volts. Are they steady?

2. Disconnect the wire from the problem valve. Turn on the controller to the problem station. Read the volts. Is it at or above 26 volts? Does the voltage stay relatively steady? I say "relatively" because digital meters are very sensitive, and minor fluctuations are normal.

3. Connect the wires to the solenoid and read the power again. Are the readings the same? If so, replace the solenoid. If the voltage drops or fluctuates wildly, then you should read my post below called " Irrigation Wire Problem".

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