Monday, September 1, 2008

Replace a lawn irrigation sprinkler system timer/controller

Hey Craig, I installed the clock today, a modular ESP-LX Rainbird, everything went well, but when I tried to run the system, a message came up saying that the master solenoid was open and listed about 6 others also as being opened. We think the original box was fried due to a near-by lightening strike, could this be the cause? Any input on how to go from here would be greatly appreciated. Walter

Hi Walter. I'm not on-site, but my guess is that that the controller is fine. It is RARE that you received a controller "out of the box" that was defective (it does happen, but almost never). I think that you may have inserted the common wire in the wrong spot. Make sure that you did not insert the wire into the slot marked "MV" (master valve). Generally, if all the wires read "open", it is a common wire problem. However, this is what I don't know:
1.Have you "ohm'd " the wires? Solenoids generally read between 20-60 ohms. Rain Bird solenoids read higher, at 54 ohms. Still, after 60 ohms, they will not work either. Since the original system was Rain Bird (?), I would guess that Rain Bird valves were installed (but not necessarily).
2. A lightning strike often burns/destroys the field wires.
3. Is there a rain sensor? Rain accompanies lightning. Disconnect the rain sensor and read the wires again.
4. Read the material and watch the Power Points regarding sprinkler system troubleshooting on the irrigation website that you belong too :) 

So to capsule this post, use your ohm meter. It will DEFINITELY tell you where the problem lies.

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