Friday, October 3, 2008

Lawn Sprinklers Do Not Turn On

Greg Hall said...
My sprinkler system has had no problems for 12 years. I can't get any of my zones to pop up now to winterize. The wiring does not look like it is damaged. I think it my be my controller. How do I check to see if my controller is malfunctioning. The system was working good all summer.

Hi Greg,
When nothing works, check the basics. Is the water on to the system? Pump or city water? Have you checked the voltage coming from the controller? Do you have a rain sensor? Is the common wire well connected in the controller?
Using an ohm meter, check the continuity of the valve circuits. Place one probe on the wire terminal marked "com" (for common). Touch the other probe across the zone 1, zone 2. etc. wires.
If you a complete circuit you will get a reading of 20-60 ohms. If the readings are higher, you have a common wire problem. Do you have a wire junction under or near the controller? Check the common connection there first. If not, check the first valve electrically down stream of the controller. If the problem is the common wire, 90% of the time it will be a connection at or in between the first valve and the controller.

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