Saturday, October 18, 2008

Sprinkler Business Start Up Costs

Craig – Could you give me an idea as to what the start up expenses are for a sprinkler repair business? I am certain that I can generate clients as we do that now with our bandit sign placement business and I’m certain it would be inexpensive to generate them.
It’s the other hard costs I have no idea about.
Thank you,
Greg xxxxxx
Well Greg, not much in comparison to buying a lawn care business.
You need hand tools (screwdrivers, pliers, drill etc), a truck and some sprinkler PVC pipe and parts. In the members section of my sprinkler repair website, I have a complete list of the parts you should have on hand on the way to your first job.
My list has a lot of different parts on it, but not a large quantity of each part. I believe it is best to just have the minimum number of parts until you do a couple of jobs. Then you will have the money to buy more.
At some point, you will need a wire tracer to find buried sprinkler valves. But at first I would hold off on that purchase because they are $600.00 and you can rent one from your irrigation supplier the first couple of times that you may need one.
So to put it in a nutshell, if you already have a truck and hand tools and shovels, you need about 500.00 dollars in parts and a $50.00 ohm/volt meter (which I show you how and why to use it on the sprinkler website ).

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