Saturday, February 7, 2009

Sprinkler Controller Problem

"Craig Saw your  FAQ. Here's mine. I am a homeowner. I have a Hunter sprinkler system installed by a professional. When Hurricane Ike came thru Houston we suffered with some power outages, returns, surges, etc. When I try run the sprinkler system either thru the programmer or turning it to a manual start I get a "No AC" error message. I have changed the fuses and the backup battery, tested and confirmed power to the AC outlet feeding the control panel. I suspect the transformer/converter that plugs into the wall outlet may be kaput as a result of the power surges. What are your suggestions/recommendations? Should I buy and install a new transformer/converter or "immediately call a professional"? Thanks for your response/advice.

Hi Jim,
First Test the 24 volt power going into the controller inside the controller panel. As you have a plug-in step down transformer coming from a 120v AC socket, it is not dangerous. You should between 26-30v. If you do not, then the transformer is bad.

I'm assuming that you have a Hunter digital controller. Sometimes digital controllers "lock up" and need to be re-set. To re-set it, unplug the transformer and disconnect the back up battery (which in Pro-C models is only used for programming when AC is not present). After 15 minutes plug it back in. If you have power from the transformer and still read "no AC" it's likely that the controller is shot. You can do this yourself and save a lot of money.
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