Saturday, February 7, 2009

Sprinkler Valve Won't Come On

"We spoke on phone a few weeks ago. I did what you said and some how they still don't turn on from the timer. They get power and have new solenoids in. There has to be something I'm over looking. Can you give me some more help? Thank you for your time. Ben"

Hi Ben,
Try checking the power coming to the valve with the solenoid connected to the power and disconnected from the power. If you have power coming in while disconnected, but then the power drops off when connected, you have a partial connection somewhere electrically upstream that is constricting the electricity.

If you are sure that the power is good, then you have a frozen valve that needs replacing. If you are not that comfortable reading a volt meter, take a brand new valve and connect it to the power, if you here the solenoid "click", then its the valve thats bad, not the power. Good Luck!

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